Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Don't dis my sis!

Okay, I may be tough as nails and I try not to take things personally, but  don't dis my brothers and sisters.

Please folks, if you are a FB friend and you don't already know I am transgender, you may or may not want to unfriend me, otherwise I can only assume you are empathetic, or in the best case scenario, an ally.

Many of you have shown your encouragement, love and unwavering support, and for this I thank you. 

However, since the very public coming out of Caitlyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair, I have come across a few of my so-called 'social media friends' who have disappointed me to say the least, and I have found some comments quite shocking.

The first message came from a former co-worker.  Now again, all of these people know of my trans status and up until now have been supportive. 

This person posted a message in relation to the Caitlyn Jenner story.  "Enough already, all the glamour and glitz. Jenner just looks spooky"!

Here is a guy who wears T-shirts and shorts to work.  Last I noticed he was bald and was still sporting a bit of a mullet from our days in radio back in the 80's.  What the hell does he know about glamour?  And, what gives him the right to judge what constitutes beauty?


Many feel now that Jenner has declared her womanhood it gives them the right to judge her on her looks.  Celebrity is a double-edge sword it seems.

Not long after that, another acquaintance on FB took it upon herself to complain that Jenner should just stop whining.  "If she was a real woman she might have something to complain about."  The writer went on to list all the female health and weight problems she has been suffering and lamented.  "I don't have my face and body on the cover of Vanity Fair."

This is true, but who is to say that Caitlyn has not suffered? 

Jenner most certainly has suffered with the mental anguish of being born and living full time in the incorrect body.  I know from my own personal experience the stress and difficulty in trying to keep that freak show alive.  I have suffered long bouts of depression and self-loathing as a result. 


And most recently, I found this post shared on my FB page by a so-called  friend.  This was taken from an entertainment website, For Fuggs Sake Now that is Funny

With all this transgender talk going on, I feel it's time I share my secret...I'm transfinancial, which means I am a rich woman born in a poor woman's body...please send me your money so I can fix my financial identity issue.

Well, not so funny, Fugg!

It's not about money, it's about survival and the human spirit.

The statement implies that by putting out a plea for something you should be able to get it.  But its not as easy as that.  Like Caitlyn Jenner, I was never comfortable in the body of my birth gender and I too waited until later in life to do something about it.  It's one of the hardest, but most gratifying decisions in my life. Why would anyone ridicule someone simply for wanting to be their true self? 

Yes, life isn't easy, and while Jenner may have millions of dollars to do with as she pleases, perhaps the greatest gift is her freedom to be true to herself.

I have fought long and hard for where I've gotten and so has Jenner.  Coming out to family, employers and losing some people along the way.  Painful surgeries and long wait lists for health care many Canadians take for granted.

So be warned, if you say you are my FB friend and you take a punch at Caitlyn Jenner or any other transgender person, be prepared for me to hit back.